Zapping a man’s private parts with a mild electric current could be a real turn on, scientists claim.

Tests revealed men with performance problems in the bedroom got their sex drive back after just a few weeks of treatment.

Two tiny electrodes were placed on the genitals and a power-pack used to generate a current.

And while the remedy may sound shocking, the only sensation volunteers felt was a mild tingling as the current passed through tissue.

Is the treatment already used? 

The technique, called functional electrical stimulation, has been used for nearly 40 years to treat other conditions.

Many men suffer a condition called drop foot, where they struggle to lift their foot properly from the ground due to the damaging impact of the disease.


But firing a low-level current into the leg ‘reawakens’ muscles and nerves that control this movement.

Stroke victims too can benefit from the same therapy.

The devices used cost around £3,000 each (ksh 351,000).

Although drugs like Viagra have revolutionised treatment, around 35 per cent of men who take them see no improvement.

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These patients are often left using cumbersome vacuum devices, or undergo surgery to have penile implants that can be inflated when needed.

But a tiny jolt of electricity could be a better solution.

It’s not clear exactly how mild electric jolts boost sex drive but animal studies show it can trigger a process which leads to an increase in levels of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and boosts blood flow to the genitals.

Source: Dailymail.