Noti Flow and Mustafa aka king of lipunda have had their fair share of love and hate.

Noti Flow is one rap queen who does not fear to show her emotions to the public. We knew she was done with Mustafa when she introduced us to her bae, Kelly.

The next thing we saw was that she was done with him after he conned her money claiming he needed to go to the dentist as he was in pain.

According to Noti Flow, her ex-boyfriend is a broke man who can not even afford airtime to call her.

We all know the quality number one that a socialite looks for in a man is money, I mean that’s why she has decided to go that route.

Clearly, Kelly is failing to attain the most important goal of a man dating a socialite.

‘I’m not your sugar mummy!’ Noti Flow savagely attacks boyfriend who borrowed money from her (Screenshots)

Anyway, so after Noti Flow was over and done with Kelly, she deleted all their pictures together and she then went ahead to add pictures of her and Mustafa.

The two seem like they are getting back together pole pole after such a dramatic breakup.

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Noti Flow had posted a picture with the caption:

when you looking at him wondering how you got wrapped up in all this fuckboy nonsense.

The picture was of her and Mustafa. This was a clear indication that they were over. During the show Nairobi D, Mustafa told Kenyans he is done with Noti as she is too dramatic and she takes a lot of bhang that has messed up with her day to day activities and thinking.

bhangi imemuharibu kichwa huyo

Noti Flow has a back and forth track record when it comes to men in her life. Remember when she was with Prezzo and then their relationship became so toxic that she left but then went back?

That was round one.

The next case was just after Prezzo she went for Mustafa they broke up and now she is back together with him (it’s probably the lipunda effect, once you go Muss you never go back).

Her current ex, Kelly, has not yet experienced her coming back, but let us wait and see, we can never boo too sure with her.

Mustafa had started seeing the new Nairobi D cast, Glam Pam who we must all agree is quite endowed. He has also said in one of the episodes, he is interested in Bridget who is rumored to be pregnant.

Here are some images of Noti Flow hinting that she could be back with Mustafa: