So, is Noti Flow faxing with Prezzo or Colonel Mustafa? Who is the fairest of the two. Or if you like who measures bigger between the two?

Your guess is as good as mine. This has left fans super confused after the Kamatia rapper posted a photo looking cosy with Prezzo.

What is funny is that, she is making goody goody with her bae’s mortal enemy.

This comes after Noti Flow declared her “love” for Colonel Mustafa.

“We decided to keep our relationship off social media for a while, since some of y’all are very good at saying some really hurtful shit, good enough to break us up. Until we’re strong enough to face y’all, we will remain being very happy off social media Our lives are way easier like that,” noti Flow said about Mustafa.

Please note, Prezzo stood up Noti Flow and made her cry when they were to shot a music video of their collabo together.

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Fans responded to the photo…

martoh_: Prezzo SAVAGE MODE👹👹👹👹👹brooo…….Colonel Mustafa nigga you mean you kant tame your bitches SMH……prezzo finishes your career and then your future dream girl😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹you àre such a shame MF

gregoryisaac10: The President always has the last laugh 👊🏾

ephreign@prezzo254 will u ever handover power as the president

the_cheddybear: This is why people [Mustafa] were calling themselves snacks. This week has been so hectic! Tho!

lovl123: Wait for her to come up with a very long story as to why they are now working together 😁😁😁…

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Colonel Uuum sweetie am confused, weren’t you pissed at a brotha?

diggyfrizzy wrote, “Nikucheswo, chesus unko mus lipunda ni ndogo???”

beautyistifanus: Why don’t you all like peace? Is very OK to make the money moves. After all DAT happened Prezzo Neva said anything negative about notiflow but she said some stuff about him and you are here judging dem for making the money moves instead of fighting. Think deeper

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miss_kharina: Am confused AF 😕 😕😕😕, one day I see @colonelmustafa is a fake friend and a fuck boy the next minute I see #king vs #queen.I also heard that #Prezo is a bitch ass nigga and I don’t. kiss

vogue_q.u.i.n: Yaani noti unfollowed uncle and replaced him! Gal!you are “too quick” to note that😂

lee_ahavvah: The gal is soo immature, told you wajikaanga kwa mafuta yako mwenyewe kama ngurue.😂😂😂. This men are bad news heri huyo wannabe “birdman” wako..utatumiwa ushangae.😥

_goddessoshun: Lol vile ulilia 😂