Karen Nyamu is unbelievable and just because the nominations are over, she seems to not give a damn anymore!

Since these campaigns began she has been the centre of attraction. Y’all remember that internet breaking video that team mafisi had fallen in love with, which many claimed showed her in all her beautiful, sensual glory?

After being able to get herself out of that drama, she has landed herself in a serious controversy!

Karen Ipupa1

Karen who was vying for Nairobi Women’s Rep ticket in the just concluded Jubilee Party elections is yet again in the middle of another major drama.

She has been accused of refusing to return one of the SUVs she hired early this year in preparation for the nominations.

Here is where the story began:
She hired two SUV vehicles from a guy named Rogers with the agreement of paying 150k per month a deal she has held until last month.

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Karen is accused of dodging Rogers and coming up with gazillion reasons as to why she didn’t have the money yet. She even went to a point of lying about her whereabouts just to avoid returning the car to Rogers and pay the remaining amount!

After Rogers reported the case in Central Police Station and someone shared the OB number on twitter, Rogers claims that Karen called him stating that she will not pay him a dime and he should use his resources to get the car back!

Ooo this lady got no chills bana!

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Rogers has been able to recover one car but the other one is still missing. According to a neighbour and a friend to Rogers, the missing car is a wreck. Maybe that is the reason she is playing these kinda games.

Listen to Rogers explaining his side of things below:

Efforts to reach her for a comment were futile, however, she kinda threw it all on twitter, check;