Kirinyaga deputy governor

Kirinyaga deputy governor and businessman Peter Ndambiri was recently left humiliated and embarrassed after an explicit video of him naked with a woman went viral.

Kirinyaga deputy governor

The woman in the video identified as Elizabeth Waithera Njuguna, is a well-known groupie and according to sources, she’s a con artist. She targets rich men and hangs out at popular joints where the well-off people spend quality time.


In the stage-managed video, a gang can be seen busting Kirinyaga deputy governor with Waithera before assaulting him.

A member of the gang can be seen slapping the deputy governor and asking him why he is having an affair with a married woman and he apologizes.

“My apologies to you brother for this act. If I knew she was married, I wouldn’t have come close to her,” 

The video was released after Mr. Ndambiri delayed to pay millions of shillings the gang was demanding in a blackmail racket.

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According to a family member, the video was filmed in Githigiri estate in Thika town, where the politician had allegedly visited to view a property he was interested in. This happened long before the Governor’s devolution conference and not in Kakamega County as many claim.

The relative also intimidated that Ndambiri had paid the blackmailer Sh1.3 million in cash but when he delayed paying the remaining balance Sh3.7 million they released the video.

“By the time they released the video clip on social media, there was a balance of Sh3.7 million, which we were in the process of paying,” said the relative, adding that, “What those people did was very inhuman.”

Waithera, a trained nurse from a medical college in Machakos County is a single mother of a seven-year-old child and lives in Membley estate in Ruiru in the outskirts of Nairobi. Many including Moses Kuria have come out to defend the deputy governor.

“I always say it is nonsensical to pay and succumb to blackmail because that only serves to feed such extortionist rackets and encourages criminal networks to thrive. It is a pity that the Kirinyaga DG did not immediately report the matter to police.

If it were me, I would simply have paid them off. But not with money. These cartels are rampant, especially in Kiambu County,” Kuria posted on Facebook.

The sex scandal forced the deputy governor to leave the fifth edition of the devolution conference that was going on in Kakamega County.

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The woman has since deleted photos on her Facebook account.