Mariam Kigenda

The family of Mariam Khagenda and Amanda Mutheu are considering sacrificing an animal to appease the bloodthirsty sea gods in order to find the bodies.

The mother and daughter who died in a ferry accident, the Christian family has been urged to sacrifice an animal to appease bloodthirsty sea gods.

Mariam’s watery grave is unforgiving! Divers search for Likoni Ferry victims

The duo died when their car rolled off the Likoni ferry on September 23. The ferry lacked restraining chains, gates or a drawbridge.

Mijikenda elder Mwinyihamisi Mwakinyasi said it will take recovery teams a long time to retrieve the bodies because the gods are holding the wreckage inside their caves.

Mariam Kigenda
Mariam Kigenda

“The gods feed on blood. If they do not get blood, they take it for themselves. Animal blood will satisfy them.

But modernity has made people forget these things.’

Well, the incident is not the only one, around the world there have been accidents at sea that have left hundreds dead.

According to a report released by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the top five most dangerous seas with the greatest number of shipping accidents in the last 15 years are

1.South China Sea

2. East Indies

3. Eastern Mediterranean

4. Black Sea.

5.North Sea

6. British Isles

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The accidents are linked to weather, ageing and poorly-maintained ships, and a disregard for safety regulations.

Environmental risk is also a factor. Some of the most sensitive marine environments are located in hotspot zones for shipwrecks.

Oil spills are particularly damaging to the ocean and coastal regions.

Contrary to what people tend to believe there are many creatures and objects below the sea that make survival during an accident minimal.

This include

  • Pufferfish. …
  • Blue-ringed octopus. …
  • Stonefish. …
  • Great white shark. …
  • Lionfish. …
  • Box jellyfish. …
  • Tiger sharks. …
  • Sea snakes.

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