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Linus Kaikai is a man of standing and distinction in the media fraternity. The 1997 CNN African Television Journalist of the year has achieved a lot and is rightly seen as an inspiration by many aspiring journalists.

But there is something he admitted to doing that I can’t fathom. In an interview with Parents magazine, he disclosed that he had given his then-girlfriend Jacinta Mueni his ATM card. He said:

When we both wanted to move out of our houses, I was sent on an assignment out of the country. So I handed her my ATM card and told her to secure a place of her choice for me and left.

This fact does not seat well with me even their first date went on for 11 hours as his now-wife revealed. Linus gave her his ATM card 3 weeks into the relationship!

My reasons are simple. First off, I think it is financially irresponsible to ever give anyone your ATM card unless they are: your mother, your best friend and lastly, your wife of 25 years. If you haven’t seen silver jubilee with her then no ATM card for her! Hehehe!

Linus gave Mueni his card at the 3 week stage! Maen! Methinnks, at this stage one can’t even fart in front of the other.

Secondly, men are the gatekeepers of commitment while women are the gatekeepers of sex. Any man who gives his commitment to quickly and too eagerly is put in the dreaded friend-zone, while any woman who gives sex to multiple men too quickly is considered a (bad word alert) slut.

And this is because human beings value that which is hard-worn. That which is easily got is rarely if ever valued.

The social contract in the past was very straightforward. Men give women their commitment(time, money and strength) while women give men their bodies(sex, virtue, vulnerability and submission).

Feminism and liberalism have destroyed this contract, so Linus is free to do as he sees fit.

My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right.-Ashleigh Brilliant.

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