Lillian Muli is thirsty guys!

She is not thirsting over some water, nope! Lillian Muli has an interview on Viusasa and when asked the most handsome politician of the sitting August House, she was quick to say MP Nixon Korir.

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Okay, when he was going round doing his electoral campaign, the ladies could not stop talking about him. Lillian Muli is clearly one of those women. From the video, she was all smiles and confessed  she found him hot.


it has to be Korir, Lang’atta MP. i mean he is hot. from his dressing to his speech. Nixon Korir

Lillian has been very vocal opening up about her personal life. She started a documenting her pregnancy journey where she takes guys deep into her journey, including on hospital visits and all. Other than that, she confirmed that she is having emotional issues dealing with the pregnancy to a point she even wanted to block her baby daddy.

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Korir, a close friend and ally of William Ruto and was the secretary of youth affairs under the presidency. Nixon Korir is a pretty chilled young MP as compared to the other young MP’s who have been caught in many scandals.