Lillian Muli
The T.V personality smiling

Lillian Muli has one of the largest social media followings in Kenya. Reasons for that can be explained in the notable work she has done on television as a news anchor.

Her work as a host for weight loss programme Slimpossible should not be understated either, as it has also motivated many women (and men) to eat healthy and hit the gym.

Lillian Muli
Lillian in gym gear

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She recently revealed in an interview with Malkia Africa the reasons she came up with the concept for the show. Muli said,

Slimpossible was the brainchild of executive producer Wachira Waruru and its because when I was poached to join Royal Media, I had lost so much weight.

lilian Muli

She explained:

I weighed 56 kilos after I had my baby. I didn’t look nice by the way, but everybody was like how did you do this after having a baby. What a lot of people didn’t know was the birth of my first child took a toll on me emotionally, mentally…so I went through an episode of postnatal depression. I just couldn’t eat, I just couldn’t function….it was hard for me.

Lillian Muli son
Lillian with her first son

She added:

But when I finally got over that, I got into this serious eating programme. I worked out religiously.

I had a CS: Lillian Muli reveals why she has struggled to lose tummy

When she finally got to Citizen TV her boss was shocked about how tiny she was considering she had just come from giving birth? She told him about her depression and that she also had made a deliberate decision not to put on weight.

Her boss responded by saying:

Then you are the person I have been looking for.

Lillian finished off by saying:

Then Slimpossible was born and we combined ideas and it was a huge success and 10 seasons later, I was proud to have been the host.

Lillian Muli
Lillian an avid fitness enthusiast

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