2. Lillian Muli

Blogs get quite the rap! When a celebrity does something off, blogs write about it and become the target of both the celeb’s ire aswell as those from their fans.

Another thing I have never understood is why people i.e celebrities act holier than thou when they do something dodgy and it gets highlighted. I mean, we are all human beings and prone to a slip up once in a while.

Lilian Muli8

Then again, there are some blogs that are no holds barred. They simply go for the jugular and vanish into thin air. I recently came across one such blog and understood why Lilian Muli was upset. You see, she had recently posted a statement telling off bloggers that read thus:

“I will say this with all due respect. My account is currently private but some of you have chosen to lift my photos or maybe some of you are following me using proxy accounts.

I see my photos on blogs and I’m like wow What now? I’m Not looking for fame I’m not eating life with a big spoon I’m just Joshua’s mother. STOP this nonsense! I just want to live my life quietly. LEAVE ME ALONE!

I bet this won’t make it to the Blogs coz whoever you are you only thrive on negativity…one day you will look back at your youth and regret why you spent so much time focusing on other people instead of yourself! Try and Do you! I don’t even know what you look like and I probably never will! So stop spending so much time on my photos I never look at yours!”

She was on the offensive because an article had run with this title:

Kuja patia huyu msolokombo! Lilian Muli moans seductively as she sings along to sex anthem (VIDEO)

And in it she was allegedly singing along to the song “or Nah” which some fool decided is a sex anthem. You know what, just read the damn hatchet job and you’ll see why she was angry.