Lilian Muli

Divorcee isn’t a nice way to describe Lilian Muli but hey, like a cat, if it fits, I sits.

And Lilian Muli has had the privilege of being a celebrity for quite some time and when it comes to matters of the heart, she truly does indeed have alot of experience.

Lilian Muli has been linked to several celebrities and I guess that coupled with the fact that she has been in many more relationships, she has gleaned alot of wisdom in regards to celebrities dating normies.

And she decided to share that knowledge with her sisters who are celebrities looking to date ordinary, everyday people.

And what she had to say was:

I always tell my little sisters in this industry to be extremely careful about some of the guys out here chasing you. I’ve been in a relationship for some time now and I know you are safer with the devil you know…be careful who you allow to get close to you;guard your heart not all people mean harm but a significant other just want to Tick a Box. Protect yourself. ❤️