Shaffie Weru is a classic man. It’s evident even in the way he dresses up, from his shoes to his clothes to his hats.

You’ll never catch him looking tacky and unkempt. Further more, your image speaks for you, right.


The rave king is a people’s person and wherever he goes, people recognise him. His name is a brand on its own and that’s why he is among the most talked about media personality in Kenya. He goes far and beyond to make sure he delivers in terms of work-related matters. When it comes to partying, well Shaffie is the guy you should invite or tag along with.

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But one thing we all have to agree to is how he stands out with his over the top, high end shoes. He loves his shoes and he’ll spend whatever amount just to get that shoe that he wants. If you’ve met Shaffie before, you can bare witness that he has good taste when it comes to dope kicks.


Well, if you’ve never seen some of his shoes, then don’t fret. I got you covered. He has finally given us a snippet of some of his dope kicks in a video. You better brace yourself for some self esteem issues after watching this video.

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Watch the video below;