Chameleone,Weasle and Pallaso.

The recent arrest of Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has opened a can of worms on the parte-after-parte lifestyle that celebs enjoy.

Despite their status, these celebs cause havoc wherever they go.

Apart from Babu Owino below are celebs who have been barred and banned from various clubs and night spots.

  1. Babu Owino

Embakasi  Member of Parliament Babu Owino has in the past been barred from entering Explorer Lounge.

The club is located on Ole Dume Road, Kilimani, Nairobi.

Babu who is currently being detained Kilimani Police station shot Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve while at B Club.

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DJ Evolve

2. Chris Brown

Set to perform a series of concerts throughout Australia, Chris Brown was denied entry into the country shortly before he was supposed to depart.

Australian immigrant officials rejected Brown’s visa due to his history of domestic violence, mostly in reference to his assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

While there are plenty of reasons to ban Brown from any country, Australia decided to force Brown into cancelling his string of tour stops there as well as in New Zealand.

Chris Brown

3. Akon

Akon was banned from coming to Sri Lanka after his music video for “Sexy B*tch” with David Guetta displayed a Buddha statue in the background.

Sri Lanka officials were offended that Akon’s video featured the statue in a setting filled with inappropriate gyrating and bikini-clad women.

Akon was scheduled for a performance when protesters stormed the Maharaja television network and erupted in violence. Officials had no choice but to bar Akon’s entry.

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4. Chameleone

Ugandan artiste Chameleone controversy after causing trouble at club Guvnor, a popular joint in Uganda.

He was allegedly banned from the club after being involved in a  fight with a club’s official and resident Deejay who is said. have sustained serious injuries following the flare-up.

Chameleone was also barred from going to Wink Bar after causing a fight and destroying property.


5. Bebe Cool

In 2015, Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool was banned from Club Amnesia.

This was after the singer was called out for being disrespectful and full of himself.

According to a statement from the club, Bebe Cool’s disrespect to management couldn’t be tolerated anymore and that’s the very reason he was kicked out and his contract cancelled.

Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool on stage


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6. Weasel

Weasel is among the prominent Ugandan celebs barred from entering clubs due to their rough nature.

He was barred from Club Ambiance alongside the late Radio. This was as a result of the singers going against the club rules.

They went to the club on an invite-only event and came along with several other girls.

Reports indicate that the bouncers asked them to honour the rules and enter the club with only invited guests and not ‘the whole village.’

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Weasle,brother to Ugandan artist Chameleone.

The musicians got bitter and confronted the bouncers. Harsh words were exchanged before a fight broke out. The bouncers threw them out and ordered them to leave and never return.

Weasel is banned from Angie noir.

7. Pallaso

Ugandan artist Pallaso at one time beat up a DJ in club Amnesia during the late AK47’s birthday.

He was banned from the club after that. Pallaso is the brother to Ugandan artiste Jose Chameleone.

Pallaso was also banned from accessing the premises of Centenary Park based Laftaz Lounge.

According to the manager of the nightspot, Pallaso’s fighting habits “cannot be tolerated anymore at the nightspot as he is accused of causing chaos whenever he shows up something that has led to a huge loss and damage of property”.

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