Funniest reactions about horse allegedly stolen from police


• Amidst the turmoil, one positive highlight was the capture of two individuals riding horses during the protests.

Alleged stolen police horse
Image: X

The Finance Bill 2024 is certainly something that will stay in the minds of many Kenyans, especially after the chaos involving the police.

Amidst the turmoil, one positive highlight was the capture of two individuals riding horses during the protests.

In a twist of events, users on X began circulating humorous information about someone asking what a horse eats for breakfast.

Despite this, it was reported that some policemen were actively searching for the horses and attempting to communicate with the riders.

A photo that surfaced online showed a horse on a balcony, allegedly in Pipeline, which sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans. Here are some of the reactions from X.

Read some of the comments below:

thetimwork@thetimwork Right now there's a police horse in a bedsitter eating muguka wondering, wtf man, I didn't go to kiganjo horse training for this...

My Doctor@mmmicheni· "daddyyyyy, ule kijana anaishi house 5 wa kucheza wimbo usiku na kukuja Sunday asubuhi kama amelewa anasema akona farasi kubwa ya brown na anapea watoto wa-ride wakimpea 250"

Alex@iMuthembaa·The horse looks happy to find a new home

CNN @Dr_CNN_· I said @Wakadinali should take note! This is pure content for them. We're waiting for the inevitable banger!

Njenga@Njenga123· Chezeni chini,the horse is in safe hands

Denis Odhiambo@DenPaul_· The horse have tasted freedom

GITHERI MAN @GitheriMann·I hope he knows horses & cows can’t go down on stairs. They can only go up. Watasumbuana sana

Amoh@mbae_amos· The other horses will never believe it

MVI@Rhymaholic· Bro took it to another level. Unfortunately, he might be planning to make soup from it.

KELVIN KIPTOO@kelvintoo14GMA In kenya,everythink is possible.

Werosetem@Duke_Of_Pokot· Aaah how did it reach there

DK Interiors @Danielkamau440· My country people don’t joke

BonvHouse@CuratedbyBonv· Comrade overworking.

Mancunian@KipronoWilfred7·3hLegendary stuff

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