Who are the Amish community?


• Baba Jimmy, an American who has become a big name on Kenyan TikTok has been associated with the community, an allegation he has denied.

Baba Jimmy and his family
Image: Instagram

Former Kitale preacher Isaiah, also known as Baba Jimmy, has clarified that his family does not adhere to the Amish faith or lifestyle, despite popular misconceptions online.

Currently residing in the United States, Baba Jimmy and his family find the Amish community intriguing, known for their distinctive way of life.

The Amish originated in 16th-century Europe due to a split within the Mennonite Church. Their belief system, rooted in a strict interpretation of the Bible, emphasises humility, non-violence, and detachment from worldly influences.

They hold church services in their homes, fostering a strong sense of community. Their attire is modest and functional, devoid of buttons and zippers, reflecting their preference for simplicity over worldly adornments.

The Amish prioritise self-sufficiency and a close connection with the land, avoiding modern technology.

Known for their robust work ethic and dedication to agriculture, Amish society emphasizes communal decision-making and mutual aid, evident in activities like barn raisings and community gatherings that underscore their collaborative spirit.

The Amish Community
Image: Instagram

Traditions are meticulously handed down through generations to safeguard their cultural heritage. Despite their commitment to seclusion, the Amish engage with outsiders for trade and essential services.

An expanding number of Amish businesses now cater to tourists, offering glimpses into their distinctive lifestyle.

In the twenty-first century, the Amish face challenges stemming from the allure of modernity and the departure of young people from the community, raising concerns about their future.

Nevertheless, their steadfast perseverance and unwavering faith suggest that their traditions will persist, adapt, and endure.

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