Popular car reviewer Julio thought his blindness was a punishment

• The content creator has touched many Kenyans with his impressive insights when checking out cars.

Julius Mbura aka Julio
Image: Instagram

He can't see but believes he can help you pick out a good car. Julius Mbura aka Julio is a famous car reviewer on social media.

Julio went viral months ago, after checking out Bien Aime's Porsche Cayenne, as the two interacted. Kenyans were amazed that Julio was able to do so yet he is blind.

He spoke to Mungai Eve on Tuesday, May 21, where he shared his journey about how he lost his sight and the aftermath of such a thing happening to a person.

He reviews cars by touch and feel and is also an MC and a break-dancer. "I do anything that you wouldn't think a blind person can do," he said.

"The thing about life is you go as far as you let your mind perceive. If you have a sense taken away from you, you use other senses to deepen your experiences." He also mentors kids with disability to give hope to others.

He lost his sight when he was 10 years old. "I have two underlying conditions If you look at my eyes you'd think I can see. Even my friends a while ago, they were asking to identify as a blind person, I'm like I don't see a problem being who I am."

He told Eve that he believed his blindness was a punishment for being naughty as a young child. His mum cried a lot over his condition, making the young man blame himself.

"She used to cry every night to a point where actually as a child I was the one comforting her, telling her I was okay.

I remember there a time I got really mad, and I started questioning, 'Like did God do this to me because of how naughty I was?' Then my mum said usiwahi sema hivo," and he shared his pain.

He experienced stigma from even neighbors who instructed their children not to play with him.

"That's how you continuously fuel stigma," he said.

His passion for cars arose from needing to have a fulfilling life,

 "I started just going all out. I could see one meter. So even for the car, you see where the bonnet ends, my sight ended there.

So I used to like to bring the seat at least leverage on that ka small nione hapo kwa bonnet chini. But I can't so I used to work with wide view but I was so much in tuned with my senses I knew this sight is for a borrowed time."

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