Watch: Lady admits to using witchcraft to get a rich husband

• The lady showcased the before and after of her life in the video that has captivated many fans.

A lady who used the charms
Image: Screengrab

A lady on the TikTok platform has surprised people by confessing that she used charms to secure her current marriage.

The beauty queen, who goes by the name Mumzy Morgan, uploaded a video showing how her life changed just three months after using charms and finding her wealthy husband.

She began by showing how her life was full of suffering before using charms and finding her husband.

Before using charms, the lady was a living example of hardship and troubles with tears always in her eyes.

However, just three months after using charms, she found a wealthy husband who spoke sweetly to her and provided money and other great gifts.

She also uploaded pictures of them sitting inside a luxurious car, holding hands. Watch the video below:

However, in the comment section, some TikTok users, mostly females, seemed to want her to connect them with the charm provider as they were tired of unproductive relationships.

"Please, how much is that charm?" Mummy First Lady asked.

"Please, what kind of charm is that? I want it too," Mma also inquired.

"Mama, I need the talisman too 😩🤲, where do you live?" Maryam asked.

"Let me find a man first before talking about charms," Ezther said.

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