Watch: Pst. Ezekiel gives Benny Hinn organisers Sh14.6 million!!!!

• The offering has left many Kenyans praising the cleric while others have wondered just how much money Kenyan pastors have.

Pastor Ezekiel
Image: The-Star

Wueh! Watu wanapesa hii Kenya! Pastor Ezekiel Odero, the founder of New Life Prayer Centre and Church, has generously donated 100,000 dollars (KSh 14.6 million) to settle pending expenses from the recent mega crusade led by Benny Hinn.

During the final day of the crusade, a viral video captured the American televangelist's attempt to raise funds to alleviate the financial pressure on the organisers.

An unexpected turn of events occurred when one of the local pastors intervened, announcing that Pastor Ezekiel had stepped in to offer assistance.

Benny Hinn, surrounded by pastors, expressed his gratitude, saying, "God bless that man of God. I did not want to go home back to the United States knowing that this man, the committee, have a burden.

I wanted to make sure that the burden is lifted because I have really fallen in love all over again with the people of Kenya. I just wanted to be a blessing, and let me just finish praying for them, and we can dismiss."

Social media users shared various reactions to the generous donation, with many expressing admiration for Pastor Ezekiel's act of kindness and explaining the significance of sowing into good causes in the kingdom.

Some questioned the need for additional funding, while others acknowledged the power of giving and the impact it can have on the anointing in Kenya. Pastor Ezekiel's presence at the mega crusade was also confirmed.

Watch the video below:

Pastor's Ezekiel's act of philanthropy isn't the only reason he trended at the recent Benny Hinn crusade.

Another video of the pastor went viral after it seemed that Ezekiel who was being prayed for by Mr. Hinn had to be forcefully pushed to fall by the mega-evengelist, unlike others being prayed for.

The video clip elicited a lot of mirth and laughter from those who watched it with some wondering whether it was a battle of wills between the two.

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