Pastor: My mom died 3 times and each time I prayed for her she came back to life (video)

β€’ 'The first time he was about 9 years old, he was in the third grade,' his mother confirmed.

Clear Malisa
Image: YouTube

A Swahili pastor has sparked a fierce debate about religious training in the church after appearing on Wasafi television in Tanzania and claiming that he had resurrected his mother three times.

The pastor who calls himself Prophet Clear Malisa in last Sunday's service broadcast live on the television, was seen claiming that his mother had died three times and all those times he prayed for her and brought her back to life.

"One of the things that I will never forget in my whole life is the day my mother died and then I prayed for her to come back to life," Malisa said while her followers applauded her.

The pastor said that it didn't happen once but three times and wanting to give more irrefutable proof, his mother was among the believers and called him forward to give his confession.

What surprised people was that the fully grown mother stepped forward and took the microphone and admitted that it was true that she had died three times at different times and was resurrected by the power of the prayers of her son, a prophet, a servant of God.

"It's true," the mother said with a little laugh, "The first time he was about 9 years old, he was in the third grade, I was very sick. It was on Sunday when I was alone at home with him and his younger sibling.

Until I didn't understand what was going on, he asked me to come and be shocked, I was healthy, that was the first time," the mother confirmed and left the believers speechless.

However, when the video was uploaded, social media users disagreed with him saying that he was making fun of God.

Here are some of the opinions of people on the internet; "Every day I tell you that your Christian religion is a caricature, you are denying it now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Yan jama wala hana ata haya," said one."

This mother is not an adult at all, why doesn't she respect herself" said another.

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