15 simple tips to living a healthy life.

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Good health is something that everyone should have, regular visits to the doctor can be tiresome and draining.

•Read below to know ways you can save on your health expenses and still remain healthy.

People enjoying life at a poolside
People enjoying life at a poolside

Living a healthy life means that you have a strong immune system.

Having a strong immunity system is not only good for your body but also for your pockets since you won't have frequent visits to the hospital or chemists buying medicine.

With the current changing weather and upcoming Elnino rains it's good for one to know how to protect their bodies from the cold weather and boost their immune to reduce the chances of having a common cold.

Having a strong immune system can easily show on your face because you'll appear healthier and have a glow on your face.

You can easily boost your immune without using medicines, read along to find out these simple things that can easily improve your immune system.

1) Getting enough sleep

Sleep is a key element in everyone's body. Lack of sleep will affect your mood and health in general. A person should ensure they get 7-8 hours of sleep so that their body functions properly.

2) Moderate Exercise

Doing exercises will boost your immune and improve your health in so many ways. Doing regular exercises will reduce the chances of you having extra fats that may be harmful to the body. 

3) Eating right

Eating foods that are rich in nutrients will boost your immune system since the body gets the required nutrients it needs for it to function.

4) Fresh air

Fresh air is good for your mind and body, staying in a place that is full of toxic chemicals can cause serious dangers to your health.


Eating garlic is beneficial to your body since it is an antibiotic for many diseases, it being an antibiotic helps fight against disease in your body.

6)Vitamin C

Taking fruits is very good for your immune system and it will reduce your chances of visiting the doctor.

7)Reducing your sugar intake

Taking a lot of sugar is harmful to your body since it can easily make you add weight and unnecessary fats are harmful to your health.

8) Staying hydrated

Taking plenty of water helps keep the blood in your system clean and it releases unnecessary salts in your body faster. Coconut water can be very beneficial to your body since it has more nutrients in the body.

9) Honey

Honey is a natural medicine for various diseases, drinking honey water or taking a spoonful of honey a day will prevent chances of you from getting colds which are very common and weaken your immunity.

10) Green tea

Green tea is good for your body cause it helps prevent various diseases and also keeps your internal organs clean.

11)Smilling frequently

This may come as a surprise but smiling has an effect on your body and health in general. When you are happy you'll be able to eat right this will improve your body's immunity.

12) Pomegranates

Taking pomegranate regularly can lower blood pressure and is rich in fibres which is good for the body.

13) Avoid stress

Avoiding stress can be hard but one should try since stress indirectly affects your body and you won't be able to do your normal activities easily and may fall sick.

14) Sunlight

As much as sunlight is beneficial to plants, it is also good for the body to have sunlight.  Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D.

15) Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to the body since it reduces the chances of your immune system to be able to fight diseases.

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