Expectation Vs Reality when it comes to pregnancy

Pregnancy tales of how it changes women's appearance.


• Women's point of view of their pregnancy journey.

• Expectations vs reality of pregnancy.

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a journey that puts on some changes in the woman's body.

People undergo body changes, hormonal changes, mood changes, and all kinds of effects.

Some people have had quite a smooth glow during their pregnancy journey.

While for others the changes are quite drastic.

The majority of women have the assumption that they will look beautiful, play dress up, glow, and look like some of the celebrities show us they look.

We forget that what they show us are pictures and videos of them when they are doled up and some even have filters.

We rarely get to see the other side of their normal at-home day-to-day look during this journey.

Some have even alluded to having money but that's not the case, money or no money it's the pregnancy hormones that determine your journey.

Ladies on Tiktok jumped on the trend to show us that not everyone has a glowy pregnancy journey.

In the videos, the ladies show how they thought they would look, dress, and even glow during pregnancy.

They then went ahead to attach the videos and pictures in the reality of how they looked and dressed during pregnancy.

But to their shock in the reality of how they looked some even looked like two different people.

For everyone the journey is different, and no one should feel that they should or have to look a certain way.

If you fall on the lucky people's side of glowing and slaying enjoy it.

But if you fall on the ones who undergo drastic changes don't feel ashamed or beat yourself up give yourself grace.

One particular lady posted her video and from the comments you could see what people had to say about their journeys and those not pregnant also saying their fears.

mhizolaitaneniola I cover my nose with the blood of jesus😅😳😂

Angel glow✨ · Creator Either entirely or a bit, pregnancy changes someone and it is worth it looking to a bundle of joy you just give birth to🥰

احمد منير My aunt gave birth and she still look the same (fit and young and nothing wrong)

Leeanne Mulamba🇨🇩❤🇿🇦 🥺🥺 im turning into some1 else 2 i feel u, my sister,

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