6 expensive properties and assets owned by Pastor Ng'ang'a

He also claimed that he made his fortune in his youthful days


• Ng’ang’a is a rock star kind of evangelist with a wide following and is reputed for performing ‘miracles.’

• His story is one of the rags to riches where his lavish lifestyle, belies a poverty-stricken childhood and several jail terms for theft.


Pastor James Nganga is a Kenya senior Pastor at Neno Evangelism Center in Nairobi Kenya.

He is the founder and overseer of Neno Evangelism Church in Kenya which he started in Prison after being born again in Prison while serving his sentence.

Nganga claims that he made his fortune in his early youthful days before becoming a preacher.

 The controversial pastor is among the few pastors who are famous across the country. Some of the expensive properties allegedly owned by him include;

1. Sunny Hill Hotel

It's a million hotel that offers many services to the customers. The hotel is situated along Nakuru Nairobi Road near the Karai area.

The hotel attracts a large number of local and international tourists who visit the rift valley region.

The hotel has a high-class executive bar and hotel section that adds up to multiple hotel suites that are necessary for tourist accommodation.

It also has a large open playground, a swimming pool, and ample parking space.

In a recent interview, the pastor revealed that he is planning to sell the hotel because he is in dire need of funds to expand his ministry in America adding that he will sell it for about 800 million Kenyan shillings.

2. Neno Evangelism

The 70-year-old pastor started Neno Evangelism Centre in 1992 while serving as a preacher in Mombasa.

The church was built in 2005 along Haile Selassie Avenue next to Kenya Railways. 

The land on which the church sits has been disputed between him and Kenya Railways for years after claims that the land had been obtained in fraudulent ways on the other hand the pastor claims that he bought the land from the Central Bank of Kenya.

3. Kajiado Mansion and farm

The pastor revealed that he has a big farm in Kajiado named Jerusalem City adding that whenever he is not preaching the word of God he is spending time on his Kajiado farm.

In 2020 during covid, it was alleged that the city pastor had relocated to his Kajiado mansion.

4. Expensive Karen Mansion

He owns a posh seven-bedroom house in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

Despite flaunting it, the preacher was once charged with about 3.6 million Kenyan shillings for absconding from his rent duties.

5. Car business

The preacher also runs a car-selling business. He sells second-hand vehicles imported from foreign countries.

He stated in an interview that his car-selling business helped him lay a strong foundation for the Neno Evangelism Center.

Early this year he got his congregants a  luxurious bus with a toilet inside, reclinable seats, and a giant TV.

6. Expensive cars

The pastor owns a Range Rover sports car that cost over Ksh 8 million.

He also reportedly owns other cars, including a Mercedes E 200, a Toyota Harrier, and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

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