The 6 podcasts you should be listening to

There are many forms of entertainment and listening to a podcast is one of them.


• There is so much one can learn from a pod and here are the 6 podcasts that will have you laughing, elevated and educated.  

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There are many forms of entertainment and listening to a podcast is one of them.

If you are used to doing the same activities over again and again, and for a change you want to try something new, then this is it.  

There is so much one can learn from a pod and here are the 6 podcasts that will have you laughing, elevated and educated.  

Lydia K. and Murugi Munyi
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1. The Messy Inbetween podcast (TMI)

Hosted by two beautiful women Murugi Munyi and Lydia K. M. the TMI podcast is one you do not want to miss.

Just like the name suggest, the two speak on the mess that life is.

Love, work, money, relationships, friendships are the topics that the two ladies handle.

Some of the things they will teach you is how to tap into your inner freak, things that you were never told about adulting or the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflicts.

They are like the big sisters you did not know you need, especially for those only children.

As of now they have a total of 86 episodes.

Apart from being sisters that help a sister Murugi is the owner of the Wild by Murugi, a clothing, accessories and handbag brand.

Lydia K. is a brand influencer as well as a wellness and mental health enthusiast.

Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome
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2. podcast

Honest and elevating conversations is what this men bring to the table.

Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome have made a safe space for the boy child to talk on matters that affect them, as well as uplift and encourage each other.

These two will have you laughing the whole time.   

They will also bring to you your favorite personalities such as Bien, Nviiri, Joy Kendi, Adelle Onyango, Anto Neosoul and many more.

If they are not making you laugh Eli is busy being a lifestyle and fashion content creator and Koome is handling his company, Revgen Media.

Wanjiru Njiru and Ben Cyco
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3. The JoyRide podcast

If your man makes you laugh the way Ben Cyco make Wanjiru Njiru laugh, then I guess you are on the right track.

They talk on life as a married couple and all that it comes with, the challenges and the blessings.

How relationships will change you by making you vulnerable, and how they cause you to explore your fears in relationships.

They speak on their personal journeys towards growth and what growth means for them.

Toxicity, who is more toxic than who and how to work on it is an episode you will not miss. 

The host Wanjiru Njiru is a lifestyle digital content creator with 51K subscribers on YouTube.

She is also the owner of the clothing brand Maua Wear.

Ben Cyco is an artist, a TV host at KTN, a director at The Cyco Hub, a podcast production company that offers production and mentorship for entrepreneurs, a content creator with 45.4K subscribers on YouTube and an MC.

Andrew Kibe
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4. The Andrew Kibe Show

Hosted by Andew Kibe himself, the podcast is a version of his daily live streamed YouTube videos.

He touches on various topics that are of interests to the public.

He gives his views on education whereby he sees after school tuition as a waste of money.

He also talks on expired relationships and failed marriages; in that episode he says why his marriage failed.

Political figures such as Ababu on selecting the creative committee or Karen Nyamu as a senator.

He also advices on how to communicate without coming off as needy or how to deal with baby mama drama.

He keeps you up to date with all that is going on as well as summarizes long stories that one does not have time to go through.

Mwafreeka Mwaf and DJ ZaQ
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5. Iko Nini podcast

Mwafreeka Mwaf and DJ ZaQ are the hosts to this educative podcast.

In this pod they answer questions and speak on topics most people tend to avoid.

The relationship between God and Satan and their existence.

Assault accusations and what to do in such situations.

They also give their insights on subject matters that affect people’s daily lives such as crime, cheating, family property and inheritance, losing a parent and gun violence.

They will bring to you the likes of Abel Mutua, Natalie Githinji, King Kalala, Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka and many more.  

Besides the two hosting a pod they are both digital content creator and in addition Dj ZaQ is a producer and sound engineer.

Simon Maingi
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6. Simon says podcast

The digital creator, Simon is here to serve the community by giving you content that will make you laugh and wonder.

What an all rounded man, you never know which emotion he will bring out of you.

He talks on voting systems, lies that men tell, boundaries that one should put, woman empowerment, assumptions that people make about other people and professions.

These are just a few of the topics the man talks about.

He will bring to you all the personalities you want to see ranging from Elodie Zone to Chito Ndhlovu to Cynthia Nyamai and others.

Not only does he host a show by himself but he assists people in getting clients for their businesses.

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