Chaotic scenes at Mombasa wedding as guests engage in nasty food fight (videos)

Bedlam rocked the event as female guests fought with food

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Shouting and food throwing rocked the ceremony.

A beautiful morganite ring.
Image: Instagram

A beautiful wedding ceremony was disrupted when guests confronted each other in a food fight. The event was said to be taking place in Mombasa and has left Kenyans questioning the motive of the brawl, where several women are eld out after throwing food at each other.

Two videos have gone viral with the first being filmed from what appears to be the balcony of the venue.

The guests pick bowls of food laid out on the tables and throw them at each other.

In the same video, some guests are seen trying to stop the food throwing as shouts and protests are heard in the hall where the ceremony was going down.

In the second video, a woman films the chaotic scenes near a group of women as she screams at them to stop throwing food in her direction. "Walahy nipate aiyayay wallahy nipate," she repeats her protests.

Check out the videos below;

It is also alleged that a woman who threw a bottle is the individual who began the brawl.

Here are reactions from Kenyans online amused but also horrified at what the bride and groom are thinking of the situation.

@7vsnq...Hizi ni gani tena😭😭

@narkabamana...Wahhhh 🤯 drama queens at their best.

@mohammedjeilan5....Harusi zetu hizo za kibarawa Wallahi so sad

@MohamedHusny20....Ile gharama mutalipa Fatma nimbaya🤣🤣

@Gammurah21...Mm kama Bibiharusi nawafunga hawa😂 hawaezii niharibiaa harusi yngu hiviii🙄daaahh😂😂😂

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