Edwin Chiloba to be honoured with candle-lighting memorial

The fashionista is said to have been murdered before his body was stashed in a metal box

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• An autopsy of the LGBTQ activist Chiloba revealed he died of asphyxiation.

• Edwin Chiloba was smothered to death, the chief pathologist said.

Edwin Chiloba.
Image: Instagram

Edwin Kitpoo aka Chiloba will be honoured with a candle-lighting ceremony soon. The sentimental ceremony has been shared by several of his friends about his tragic passing on.

In a photo, friends have shared with the caption "It was a gift to experience you, forever in our hearts"

The message showed a picture of Chiloba posing showing his life as a fashion designer and two candles.

In another caption, fans are urged to "LIGHT A CANDLE FOR EDWIN CHILOBA".

They also added, "Dates for Candle lighting will be announced soon after we have secured a safe space to conduct it."

lgbtq edqin chiloba candle tribute
lgbtq edqin chiloba candle tribute

In the meantime, the burial will be held Tuesday next week.

Meanwhile, this past week we have learnt a lot more details about his gruesome murder.

Detectives have been reconstructing his last moments throughout the week.

They visited his apartment and the parents of Chiloba and the main suspect.

We have also learnt that five people were arrested in connection with the murder, including Chiloba's long-time friend Jackton Odhiambo, whom police have described as the main suspect.

A magistrate gave police permission on Monday to detain the five for a further 21 days, as they continue with their investigations.

Additionally, Dr Oduor, the chief government pathologist, said the post-mortem also revealed that Chiloba's nails were discoloured, indicating that he died from a lack of oxygen.

Chiloba had not sustained any other injuries, Dr Jogansen Odouor said, dismissing media reports that his eyes had been gouged out.

"So from all these we concluded that what led to the death of Edwin Kiptoo was asphyxia since his nose and mouth were blocked," Oduro said.

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