• Wearing a well fitting bra is important as it boosts a persons confidence.

How to avoid walking around with popping bra straps.

You might have at some point seen a smartly dressed lady with her bra straps popping out.

To be frank the sight can be unsightly.

Below are the types of bras you can wear to avoid walking around with popping straps.

Choose a seamless bra 

A seamless bra is a sure way of ensuring that you do not walk around showing people what is under your clothes.

Use a clip

Take a paper clip and cup the straps of your Bra. These ensure the straps stay hidden.

You can also a bra clip that makes a bra multi-purpose.

Wear a strapless bra

This is mostly applicable to women who are not so endowed with a big blossom.

A strapless bra can work with shoulder-off dresses, and tops among them.

Wear an invisible lifting bra

An invisible bra is a breast-supporting garment designed to appear as if the wearer is not wearing it. 

Stick On's

Stick-on bras tend to cover only the front, and lower half of your breasts to allow for plunging necklines and clothing that’s open in the back.

This is best advised for people with small busts.


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