Boy claims he was healed from HIV by Prophet Owuor

13 year old boy trends after being healed of Hiv

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

鈥he hashtag HIVDeleted is trending under the topic.

鈥he miracle has prompted discussion of how HIV is cured.

hiv healed claims on twitter
hiv healed claims on twitter

Claims that a boy called Ezekiel from Matunda has been healed from Hiv have gone viral. He is now said to be the second Kenyan to be cured of the medical condition.

The miracle is trending under the hashtag Hivdeleted, as Kenyans debate how the disease was cured.

The miracle is said to have been performed by Prophet Owuor, with disbelieving Kenyans dismissing the allegations.

This is the second person to test negative this year after Alfred Omondi from Siaya tested negative mid year.

Kenyans remarking about this felt that it is only medicine that can perform miracles. 

@its_elphy路Those claimed to be healed, will be back to the facility after sometime when wasted and bed ridden. HIV suppresses when medication is taken appropriately. Even RTKs will not detect the presence of HIV which will give a false impression of no HIV. Be cautioned. #HIVdeleted

Another advised to pay attention to meeics @ChrispinusMasi6路It's possible with God, but could it be that they were taking drugs well and they had suppressed the virus hence testing negative

@Judah_benhur2I also walked across Lake Victoria to Uganda

@gmuiga路Huyu alikuwa wapi wakati was CORONA? Kenyans really died of covid ama ni biashara kama kawaida

@mwalimuabel路This is a scam that should be avoided. The self proclaimed prophet Awour has always deceived many I think he need to turn to God now before it becomes worse

@AthienoPaskalia路Who else can Heal HIVAIDS But only the Lord God Almighty of the Mightiest Prophets? Yes, it's the BLOOD OF JESUS THAT HAS powe to heal and delete HIVAIDS from the Blood stream of infected persons #HIVDeleted

@zepphimobby78路Wallahi tena you guys are back! So bado Ile ya sharing mbegu za kiume is not enough? Now it's HIV? Aki Mungu tulikosea wapi wakaja manabii wa uongo? God give us a sign

Here is a video of the 13 year old supposedly cured. Crowds chant about the miracle as the young man leads the believers.

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