• The General has been invited to speak in several interviews.

• The interviews ended as quickly as they began.

arriving at Uhuru Gardens for Mashujaa Day celebrations
Miguna Miguna arriving at Uhuru Gardens for Mashujaa Day celebrations

Outspoken lawyer Miguna Miguna returned to Kenya on October 20, to a heroic welcome. 'The General' as he is referred to was cheered on at the JKIA where a crowd turned up to receive him.

On his return he had this to say;

"The return to my MOTHERLAND yesterday was HISTORIC. I had a FANTASTIC first day and night. THANK YOU to all Kenyans who embraced and welcomed me back home. My new number is: 075-707-7930. Apologies in advance if I don't respond to, or answer everyone's call/text. Viva!"

After his touchdown, Miguna proceeded to Uhuru Gardens for the Mashujaa day celebrations led by President Ruto.

One thing though appeared to disturb him on his return and that is the way the media conducts interviews.

He has been doing media rounds and it hasn't been going to his liking, something the lawyer has now addressed.

""I've appeared on TV and radio for the past 30 years but not once has a media house - including @StandardKenya and @KTNNewsKE - asked me to sign a blanket indemnity form. @SpiceFMKE has never asked any of its previous guests to sign the ridiculous form they tried to force on me!"

Here are things to keep in mind, should you ever feel the need to interview the fiery lawyer.

If you are wondering what this has got to do with you, remember that he has publicly shared his phone number to interact with you. Therefore these pointers below will guide you;

1. Miguna expects to be asked relevant, mature, intelligent,, distilled and respectful questions.

2. Miguna also expects you to listen quietly as he answers.

3. While listening to Miguna, you also should not interrupt him. He does not like this at all.

4. There are certain images and videos he expects you to share about his life, before an interview.

5. Be fair-minded - not malicious.

6. Engage him with SOLID FACTS.

7. Apply LOGIC in a discussion with him and you will have a marvellous DISCOURSE.

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