• One is allowed to be a surrogate twice.

• Surrogates are not allowed to breastfeed the baby once it's born.

One must be aged between 25 and 40 for them to qualify as a surrogate in Kenya.
Pregnant woman. One must be aged between 25 and 40 for them to qualify as a surrogate in Kenya.
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Surrogacy is something couples have embraced over the years. This refers to when a couple contracts another woman to carry a pregnancy for them because they can't get pregnant for different reasons.

Below is a list of things one should know, according to Legal Officer and Bioethicist Ayieta Lumbasyo;

  • You must be 25-35 years. You can be a surrogate after 35 but one is more prone to having a problematic pregnancy.
  • You must have a living child who is 3 years and above. This acts as proof that you can carry.
  • Medically cleared.
  • One must not have a criminal record.
  • One can only be a surrogate twice. If the birth is natural one is advised to take a year break and if it's a CS one is to take 2 years to break. The move is also to make sure that the process is not commercialized.
  • One must have a medical condition to warrant needing a surrogate.
  • A surrogate is compensated with the minimum amount being Sh 500,000. They negotiate with potential parents on what they are willing to pay.
  •  She is to be paid monthly upkeep of upto Sh 30,000 for 10 months.
  • A surrogate must go through a psychological assessment.
  • One can also not back out from the arrangement once the documents are signed.
  • A surrogate is not allowed to breastfeed or bond with the baby once born, this is because the baby is not hers biologically.

Some surrogacy cases are however done for free if the surrogate mum and the couple agree to do so. Would you be a surrogate for a childless couple?

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