• Dubai Health Experience is a body under Dubai Health Authority that regulates all the medical centers in Dubai. 

Dubai Tourism Roadshow
Image: Willis Nyangaresi

The Dubai Tourism Roadshow is taking place at Movenpick Hotel. The exhibitors have been exhorting the value of visiting the Arab country with their healthcare industry being heavily touted.

Why pick Dubai as your medical tourism destination? Let's begin;

Dubai is not only a one stop entertainment hub but also a medical tourism site.

When we think of Medical tourism, India comes to mind but the Dubai Roadshow 2022 is here to prove otherwise.

Though the goal is that we all abound in good health, Dubai Health Experience has some insights on why you should view Dubai as a medical tourism destination too.

Dubai Health Experience is a body under Dubai Health Authority that regulates all the medical centers in Dubai. In case the patient is not pleased, the body takes up the matter with the particular hospital.

DHE assured they are not here to compete but to partner and work together. Plans are underway to see the possibility Kenyan doctors interning in Dubai for a certain period.

DHE had a few pointers on why one should travel to Dubai for medical attention?

  1. Proximity – a flight to Dubai takes approximately 5hours
  2. Cultural familiarity- Dubai is home to most Kenyans, the meals are also not farfetched compared to what the place has to offer
  3. Medical visa- the medical visa is valid for three months for both the patient and the companion. The visa can also be renewed for an additional three months.
  4. Destination attractiveness – Dubai is beautiful to behold.
  5. Climate – a lot of similarities to the Kenyan climate

Fun Facts on the Dubai medical facility set up

  1. Over 40,000+healthcare professionals
  2. 3500+ healthcare facilities
  3. 48+ credited hospitals

The process from the onset

  1. Pre travel – the Dubai travel agency books the patient and the companion into the preferred hospital and makes sure their stay is seamless
  2. On arrival – the procedure begins and check up’s and the opportunity to communicate with the patient’s doctor from Kenya, where they can assess the patient online.
  3. Post travel –the Dubai facility will be able to follow up on the patient via Telemedicine.

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