• The Dubai Tourism Roadshow is currently ongoing at the Movenpick Hotel.

• Raffle prizes and giveaways are being handed out to participants.

Happy visitors in Dubai
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The Dubai Department for Economy and Tourism is hosting the Nairobi edition of their continuous Roadshows and those present stand a chance to win a free trip to Dubai and other goodies.

According to Dubai Regional tourism manager Stella Obinwa, raffle prizes and giveaways will be handed to participants.

The Dubai skyline
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However, to take part in the Dubai raffle Prizes and giveaways, one has to put their business cards in a box and the winner will be picked from there.

Obinwa sought to clarify that for one to be announced the winner they must be present at the venue – no sending representatives.

Dubai is known for its continuous drive to establish, maintain and show its safe, open, and accessible system and recently they were ranked Number one global destination in Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards.

Stella Obinwa added the Roadshow is out to showcase Dubai’s affordable experiences and the diversity of the city’s offerings to key travel partners in the visited cities.

The Dubai coast
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Highlights of the roadshow, span across travel, hospitality, entertainment and Dubai’s citywide events, with a focus on leisure, family travel, education and medical tourism.

“Dubai's Department for Economy and tourism, we have been doing roadshows specifically in Kenya since 2017.

“The goal of the Roadshow is to bring Dubai stakeholders such as Hotels, DMCs  and hospitals and tourist attractions to Kenya to meet travel agency and tour operators in order to help them grow their outbound business,”   Stella Obinwa.

One of the fabulous hotels in Dubai
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On the other hand, Agnes Mucuha, CEO of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents said that;

"And we worked together to promote Dubai tourism, travel, hospitality and and medical tourism destination. In this expo that is taking place today we are showcasing over 30 exhibitors who have flown in from Dubai who are going to be featuring various attractions, hotels . We also have the Dubai health administration present and they will be showcasing the various medical treatments that they have on offer."

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