• Dubai Tourism joined by partners across hospitality, medical, entertainment, and retail sectors.

• Dubai Regional Tourism Manager Stella Obinwa addressed participants.

The Dubai Tourism Roadshow officially started today with much pomp and aplomb. More than 30 exhibitors from the Tourism and Healthcare have gathered at Movenpick Hotel to promote and educate Kenyans on their excellent products and services.

Agnes Mucuha CEO Kenya Association of Travel Agents spoke to  Mpasho's Dennis Milimo about the goodies one can access when they visit Dubai.

Dubai Tourism Roadshow participants at the exhibition
Image: Wilfred Nyangaresi

They are;

1. Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training

If you are in need of specialized training in the fields above, then you should visit Dubai immediately.

"Dubai has revolutionized its education division. They have many global institutions which are domiciled in UAE. So the opportunity again for a Kenyan who is collaborating through a travel agent, they will be able to access information about the Universities institutions of higher learning , they will also access information from the technical schools that are currently based in UAE and as you have ever seen our Government in Kenya has been advancing on the TIVET program and so here are very many opportunities for people to come and transfer skills and knowledge from the best institutions," Agnes told Mpasho.

hosting the Kenyan Edition of their Ongoing Roadshows.
Dubai Tourism hosting the Kenyan Edition of their Ongoing Roadshows.
Image: Dubai Tourism

2. If you want to travel for hospitality with children, you are sorted

There are themed attraction parks. If you have children and are wondering what is available, Dubai has you covered. There are all the Disney opportunities that they watch on Tv. 

Agnes went on to say,

"Everything is themed. If you are travelling for instance with family and kids, you have specific hotels that cater to the experience for kids."

They offer things like Disney Theme Parks. They have the water parks, the small Ferrari parks so that they can indulge in some of those experiences.

At the end of the day, all the different themes are aimed at creating an emotional experience connection between the traveler and the destination.

hosting the Kenyan Edition on their continuous Roadshows
Dubai Tourism hosting the Kenyan Edition on their continuous Roadshows
Image: Dubai Tourism

3. Medical travel

Advanced medical options not available are some of the reason you would want to travel to Dubai where full body check-ups are available.

4. Business people can buy goods for re-sale

People of biashara or hustlers can travel to Dubai and buy goods meant for resale to the Kenyan population.

Catch up with trends and all the fashion the world is wearing. This can also include homegoods for those who want to get rid of old furniture.

hosting the Kenyan Edition of its ongoing Roadshows.
Dubai Tourism hosting the Kenyan Edition of its ongoing Roadshows.
Image: Dubai Toursim
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