• The Loft is a popular urban club located along Thika Road.

• The digital strategist suggested that The Loft violated laws operating in a residential area.

The Loft is being accused of violating noise regulations at a residential area
Revelers enjoying themselves at The Loft The Loft is being accused of violating noise regulations at a residential area
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Kenyans on Twitter, popularly known to all as KOT have the app going crazy and totally divided after one of Nairobi's most popular clubs, The Loft came under attack following Dennis Itumbi's latest tweet.

Itumbi took to twitter to voice his concerns over how The Loft got a license to operate near a residential area.

The digital journalist/ political strategist revealed that he had gone to visit a friend but the noise around the place by his standards was unbearable.

"I came to visit a friend near Mountain Mall. How does The Loft operate in a residential with all this NOISE? Ama jogoo ya mashambani iwache kuwika mjini ?"  Itumbi's tweet read.

However, Kenyans were not having it! The Loft is adored and has one of the biggest ' Sunday Service ' events that the city holds.

Below are a few reactions from Kenyans:

Clichy Skillz: I'm  not defending loft but come to think of it, there are so many churches that are within residential areas and they make so much noise too. If Loft's issue is genuinely about the NOISE, then all other gatherings that do the same need to be stopped.  No double standards!!

Kevin Mwiti: Mambo ya Thika road wachana nayo, we the residents are not complaining

Bhakita Esther: Wacha Watu wa hustle! Are the people living there complaining? Wewe visit urudi kwako .

Alex Waithaka: Here I agree with you. Roy Sambu Primary and Secondary  Schools are just less than 500m away, our kids must not be meeting drunken naked girls on a Monday morning. This must not continue.

Elias Mwangi: Better Loft it's mainly Fridays na Saturday, JCC Church along Thika road is in center of Residentials, it Hold services everyday from 6am to 10pm, so Hectic and Noicy with there big P.As

Justus Gwaro: Wadau hizi issues zifikie H.E. Hon. Johnstone Sakaja, Gov of the Capital City,  the legal Authority of Regulating/licensing Alcoholic outlets squarely lies with him, and partially with Interior/NACADA @SakajaJohnson deal urgently

Juma G: After we are done with Loft, let also single out the noisy churches that have made residential areas a living hell with numerous overnight Keshas accompanied by eardrum bursting music, screaming and wailing....

What does the law say concerning this issue?

The Environmental Management and Co-ordination (Noise and Excessive Vibrations Pollution) (Control) Regulations were enacted to regulate the prevention of noise and vibration pollution.

Through this, when a nightclub sets up shop in a residential area, it has a responsibility to ensure that they conduct their business in a manner that does not violate the right of the residents of that area.

The Rights and freedoms of club owners must be balanced with those of the residents and any claim by the residents that noise emanating from the clubs as loud and offensive as well as interferes with comfort, repose, health and safety of the residents amounts to offensive under the EMCA noise Pollution Regulations.

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