Child dies after being locked up by the mum to go buy miraa

The police are investigating the incident.

• The boys mum had gone to buy miraa in bulk ,she sells the same at a local market.

• The woman had locked the child inside the house.

A woman has been arrested in Machakos after her 8-month-old child died while she had gone to buy miraa.
Jail Cell A woman has been arrested in Machakos after her 8-month-old child died while she had gone to buy miraa.

An eight-month-old child died under mysterious circumstances in Yatta, Machakos county after being left unattended by the mum.

The heartbreaking incident happened on Thursday night. The child's mother is currently being detained at Kithimani.

Yatta sub county police commander Jane Makau said the woman left the minor locked inside her house at Kimangu in Kithimani where it died. 

“The woman had left the house to go buy miraa in bulk which she sells at a local market. The neighbours reportedly gave the baby milk before taking it to a nearby hospital where it was pronounced dead on arrival,” Makau said.

On knocking down the door, neighbours found the baby alone.

“Neighbours who heard the baby crying gained entry into the house where they found it lonely and unattended. They searched for the baby’s mother in vain,” Makau said.

Makau warned parents against leaving their children unattended.

The police chief said it was dangerous for parents to leave minors in the house while they attend to their errands away from their homes.

The police are investigating the child's death.

The body was removed to Matuu Level 4 hospital mortuary.

Machako's in the last few weeks has been on the spot.

On Wednesday a Form 3 girl reportedly killed herself by suicide in Matungulu, Machakos County on 

The girl had been adversely mentioned as a suspect by the majority of her colleagues when the matter was investigated.

Before her death, the girl had admitted to stealing the cash.

Else where in Yatta ,Machakos A 4-year-old boy also got  admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital after he was allegedly sodomized by an 18-year-old.

The teen who is allegedly mentally sick further chopped off the boy's privates.


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