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Wife material,just as the name suggests is a phrase used to describe a woman who has all the qualities it takes to be a good wife.

Although people are not all the same as some may have differences in what they prefer while looking for a wife.

Unfortunately some can't really tell the type of qualities to look for in a woman to marry.It is important to note that knowing the qualities of a good wife will guide your search when you are ready to get one.

Women with qualities of a good wife are worthy keepers, and they deserve all the care and respect because they have the purest intentions for the home.

Here are some of the qualities to check;

If she respects you

A successful marriage thrives on respect. If you are searching for the characteristics of a good wife, make sure she is respectful. 

In addition, a good wife appreciates her husband’s effort, and the husband reciprocates with respect and love.

Always puts her family first 

The family’s needs and wants top her priorities, and she’s not apologetic about it. A good wife goes the extra mile to ensure her home is comfortable for her husband and kids

She is goal oriented 

A good wife always has dreams and works constructively to achieve the end goal.She works hard to get money of her own such that they can help each other with her husband to clear bills presented on the table.

She is your biggest cheer leader.

If she doesn’t support you, then she is not wife material. Period!

Life brings different obstacles across our ways, and it is essential to have someone to lean on to get through them. If that “someone” isn’t your girlfriend, maybe you reconsider the relationship altogether.

Communicates effectively

Being a good wife requires the input of effective communicationWhen there are issues in the marriage, she tries to keep an open communication instead of being silent about them.

She prevents her husband from guessing as she lays bare her mind and proffers ways to move forward.

She is not materialistic

Having a nagging woman who is  always after your money every time can be hectic at some point.

While it’s natural for you to meet the financial needs of your girlfriend, it becomes unpleasant if these needs become too much, negatively affecting your financial situation.

So, if you have a girlfriend who doesn’t excessively ask for money, start making plans for a proper family introduction before another man snatches her away.

If she makes you happy

Finding a woman that makes a man burst into laughter is quite difficult.If your girlfriend is a low-key comedian, better hold onto her tight.

Being with someone comical reduces the chances of getting into severe arguments after marriage.

She is a good problem solver

In marriage, one of the qualities of a good wife to look for is her willingness and and the ability to tackle problems.

A good wife neither leaves all the problems to her husband to solve nor points accusing fingers at anyone. Instead, she works together with her husband to combat these problems.

Has a good relationship with your mother

Gaining your mum’s approval sometimes requires divine intervention and a series of goodwill actions.

If you notice your mother likes your girlfriend, don’t waste time asking her to become your wife. A girlfriend loved by a mother-in-law has shown to possess proper and adequate skills required of a good wife.

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