• Spicing up a relationship is important to avoid boredom and monotomy.

• Cooking is a way of bonding with your loved ones especially if you have a liking for cooking.

A happy couple
Happy couple A happy couple
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A relationship between two people is the most beautiful thing to have.

When you are in a relationship with someone you love, they become your best friend, boyfriend, lover, and world.

Couples in relationships have the cutest things that they do together that people on the outside look at and wish they had it too.

Here is a list of things couples do that we all find cute and make us go 'aaaw';

Switch phones for a day

A couple like to spend time with one another; when they find the time they switch their phones to be together.

It's a beautiful way to show love to your partner by giving them quality time where you can speak about your dreams and plans.

Go on double dates

Have you ever hung around a couple who are deeply in love with each other?

Couples always have couple friends this is because they share a common interest; it's adorable to see a couple on a date bonding with the other couple.

Double dates tend to grow the relationship of both couples as they can relate to one another.

Write love letters

There are different types of couples and this is one of them, they write love letters to one another.

In this day and age where technology has taken over it is good to go back to the basics.

Letters were sweet ages ago in the 21st century it's rarely done.

Cook together

Cooking is a way of bonding with your loved ones especially if you have a liking for cooking.

It is quite endearing to meet a couple that cooks together; this is uncommon in this generation where men think that a woman's place in the kitchen and that a woman should always cook.

Instead of always ordering food online how about trying new recipes together?

Slow dance

In the 21st century, slow dance is a foreign thing, when you see a couple who slow dance that means that they want to enjoy the dance together.

A slow dance can help express how you feel about someone through the movements and the concentration needed to enjoy the music rhythm.

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