• Daudi says turning to beastiality is something that he has not been enough to share with his family.

• Beastiality sexual activity, actual or simulated, between a human being and an animal.

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Speaking to YouTuber Mûciî wa Mwîhoko Baringo man, Daudi *not his real name* told his sad story of the tribulations he underwent 

Daudi is from a family of 8 children and turned to Beastiality after being left by his wife.

Daudi told how completing school was a challenge from secondary to university because his parents were unemployed and the menial jobs could not pay the required fees.

He turned into sleeping with anything like goats, sheep, or anyone willing including old grandma and wives of aged church elders.

"My parents did kibarua and I couldn't go to secondary. I was told to repeat primary. I performed even better than on the last KCPE exam. But still, my parents didn't have school fees. So I went to a day school, did term 1"

Daudi got a good Samaritan who paid his fees for form 1.

"The principal had agreed with the good Samaritan not to kick me out. For term 2, the principal called me to tell me term 1 fees have not been paid. I called him but he was missing."

The good Samaritan was eventually found but he stated that he won't pay anymore.  *Daudi* felt stranded and his parents told him to join them in farming to make quick money for fees.

The money they made was too little and would often be sent away from school. His dad got annoyed at this and decided Daudi drop out completely.

He, unfortunately, dropped out of university in his second year while pursuing Bsc. Botany.

"I love science so much especially chemistry. The first year I did very well and I completed the first year. Second-year things became difficult coz of fees."

He could not even pay rent and lived in the shamba. He met an old cucu who told him that she had a small space to give him to sleep.

"I slept on the floor, it was so tough, I dumped all my friends because I didn't want them to see where I lived." He explained the landlord didn't allow visitors.

"I used a gunia as my mattress, then in the morning, I would go to class at University. I couldn't do the online classes teachers were doing. But I soldiered on with university."

Again fees were a problem. He deferred his studies for a year.

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He did menial jobs like grazing domestic animals and other odd jobs away from home until the third year when he eventually left school in 2016.

Daudi was bitter about it because he no longer had any way to finish university. He met and married in 2018, a mokorino woman from the church he went to. They got one child.

One day at work he got injured and stayed home for one year. The wife took up the job of being a provider. They began to have domestic quarrels.

Sadly, the wife left him heartbroken and disappeared with their child. "I began to hate young women because she saw me as useless. I got depression and ulcers, and stomach pains."

Following the character development, Daudi kept off women instead of choosing animals.

"Feelings of sleeping with females ended, I lost feelings completely I did not want any girl under 25. I was alone at home and took our sheep to feed, I don't know how it happened carried them home, tied them up, and slept with them. This became a daily habit."

He also slept with goats at night. "Sheep don't make noise, so I did them in the daytime, and goats at night. I did this for a year. No one knows to date."

He moved out of town to another shamba where his habit continued. 

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