• You may think you are doing a good job hiding issues but children notice and they often won't say it.

• This is not the legacy you want to hand over to them.

Any frequent, intense, and poorly resolved conflict between parents can place children at risk of mental health issues, behavioral, social, and academic problems, and more so poor future relationship chances.

It can also have a significant effect on a child's long-term outcomes. You may think you two are doing a good job hiding issues from your children but your children are noticing.

Children notice these things it is just that they often won't say it. You are planting trauma and wounds in your children.

This is not the legacy you want to hand over to them. If your love your children, shield them from this.

Allow your children to grow in an environment that is full of love, joy, peace, safety, togetherness, teamwork, security, pleasant memories, and hope.

That is one of the best gifts you can ever give, after all, it was you two who started this family, your children are innocent and did not ask to be born in it.

Here are some of the things that children notice due to parental conflict;

Every time you shout at your spouse at home or at the presence of your children, they notice and learn that something ain't right.

Each time you sleep in a different room from your spouse.

Each time you don't pray as a couple but you pretend to pray together when visitors come.

Every time you ignore each other and don't like spending time together.

When you talk ill about your spouse.

When you raise your hand to beat up your spouse.

When you make each other mad, cry, and unhappy it actually leads to an uncomfortable mood.

Each time you two argue and pick up fights, your child.

Each time you and your spouse pull the children in different directions.

Each time you come home late to keep away from your spouse.

Each time you stay in the marriage for the sake of the children but you clearly can't tolerate each other.

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