•Most Kenyan's have embraced fashion modelling more than they have runway modeling.

•Lwako Bonnie started modeling way back in campus, 2017 but ventured into it professionally in 2018. 

a fashion model
Lwako Bonnie a fashion model

Ever considered modeling? Well, the hard truth is that modeling is not everyone's cup of tea. But for some, it is more of a calling.

We sat down with Lwako Bonnie a runway model and here is what he had to share

What's the difference between runway modeling and fashion modeling?

"A runway model wears the proposed designers creation on the runway while fashion models pose for fashion photography mostly for magazines or digital platforms."

Why is clean eating and fitness important for anyone considering modeling?

"Eating healthy helps a model to keep fit depending on their body goal requirements.

Fitness plays a major role in a model's life, as the work relies on how they look.

It helps in posture and reduces body fat which improves a model's confidence and booking potential.

Bonnie says the major mistakes model make is taking bad photos, not getting enough exposure, not getting enough rest and taking rejection personally.

Does modeling pay

"yes it pays, salary range for most models ranges from KSHS 13,717 to 76,196 per month and KSHS 40,649 net per month at the start of the job."

In Kenya, there are renowned runway models among them Sean Andrew who is the Late Mwai Kibaki's grandson.

Despite being known as a model Sean studied psychology and minored in international relations at USIU. 

In a past interview with Fashion Today, Sean revealed the reason he chose modeling was to boost his confidence

 "I chose to do it as a point of self-interest. I wanted to boost my confidence, meet people in the profession, get some tips, and help out where I can.

One of the models told me that a candle can light another candle and share the light… instead of just burning on its own."

Bonnie is currently working with some international brands ,he is also a model for Huddah.

Muhoho Kenyatta, the second-born son of Uhuru Kenyatta has in the past modeled his own clothing line Nomadic designs.

Famous Tit Toker Mlami Mwitu is also a retired runway model.

The Kenyan tiktoker The Reverend Dad
Image: Instagram

The former model retired from modeling at age 19. 

Speaking to Mpasho.Co.ke he said he stopped modeling as he couldn't fathom walking half-naked on the runway.

"I stopped modeling at 19. There are different stages of modeling especially when it comes to high-end modeling. The people you see on the catwalk are slim and have no muscles."

Going on to add,

"When you get to a certain age you progress to a certain part (modeling lingerie and boxers). I said no to that, That is what pushed me away from modeling."

Would you consider modeling?

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