• Some of the features being enhanced are a full-screen feed, videos, and recommendations 

• A lot of people were not pleased because Instagram is presumed to be a photo app not a video app like Tik Tok. 

Adam Mosseri
Image: Instagram

Kenyans on Twitter as always will not shy away from expressing their concerns or their elation about something.

Following the recent notice from the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, that the platform will be changing to more video-based content, KOT were far from pleased by the news.

Many said that they would delete the app and others said that Adam was trying to create another Tik Tok. Some of those comments are below;

@thegirlnextdoor: No one wants this, bring back old IG. I miss the photography content

@sircrunktheblue: RIP Instagram

@kellyhammond: No thank you! If I wanted to be on TikTok I would get on TikTok

@Rah: Time for a new app! The issue is that instead of creating and upholding IG unique functions he trying to be Tiktok. Let it go!

@dsynethia: Not everyone wants to do or be about videos

@nikkibabee94: They need to fix the hacking problem and the black screen

@Ty: IG has an identity crisis. Instead of being the best app for photos, they wana be tik tok sooo bad.

@leTitsnow: So tired of being asked to do sketch comedy/sing/dance/video editing… imma static visual artist LET ME POST PICTURES

@windfalcon: It's wild to me that a company could receive such overwhelmingly negative feedback about a change to their product, and just absolutely ignore their user base. Instagram, you're the picture website. Stop trying to be the short video website, that's already taken.

Adam Mosseri however did a video trying to clarify the matter and urged people to embrace the new shift.

“We will need to evolve because the world is changing quickly and we are going to have to change along with it,” he said.

Some of the changes that are intended to take place are;

Full-screen feed

Full-screen feed, not only for videos but for photos, which he says will be more fun and engaging

Photos shifting to videos

He clarified that photos are not being abolished but assured that Instagram will become more about videos and videos over time.

Adam based it on the fact that people are constantly sharing videos on their feeds compared to photos


They help a user find out other people that they would be interested in that probably didn’t know existed.

Nevertheless, most people are not interested in the recommendations they get, and thus an improvement is underway to snooze the section for a month.

Adam stated that the recommendations feature will however continue to recommend small creators to further their art and reach a new audience.

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