•In case people have been treating you a type of way, it’s high time to look back at the patterns you have left behind.

•You are like a garden and what you water is what you get to see thrive.

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The Golden Rule of Self-Care: Treat Yourself the Way You Want Others to Treat You.

It is of value to note that, your feelings and thoughts are like plants, they can be negative or positive/weeds or flowers, and you get to water the ones you want to see thrive.

Below are 5 steps to kick start your self care journey

1. Compassion

A generous amount of self-compassion can help combat your inner critic and improve your relationship with yourself. 

 If you have a loud inner critic and feel stuck, it can help to imagine what you would say to a friend in a similar situation, and then apply those same statements to yourself.

2. Make a list of things that you love doing

Doing things that you promised yourself you would do e.g. visiting home after a long time, will go a long way in filling up your soul with peace that no one else can fathom.

Take back the responsibility for your own joy.

3. Self-care

Self-care is a process that helps you connect to yourself and replenish

It can include relaxing activities or activities that protect your energy such as not responding to some texts or calls or requests for your time.

Self-care also includes getting adequate rest, eating nourishing foods, and moving your body regularly.

It is important to recharge before running on empty.

4. Celebrating yourself

What may be an achievement/accomplishment to us may not add up to someone else.

It is also easy to extend grace to others but be our meanest critics.

This is your reminder to celebrate yourself more, correct yourself with love, and treat yourself like someone you love.

Cool? Cool.

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5. Committing to a few new habits

 You know by mid-year the goals we make for the year for most are close to being extinct

This is the same game plan and plot twist that happens when we bite too much than we can chew in terms of new habits.

Rather than overwhelm yourself with trying to establish several new habits at the same time, pick one that is realistic for your set schedule.

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