• The young boy claims teachers ganged up to beat some students

• The student got less than the 400 expected marks


A video of a boy crying hysterically following a vicious beating in school has emerged. The crying boy accused a section of teachers in his school of ganging up to beat candidates who didn't meet the 400 marks score they expected.

In the video, the boy dressed in red shorts and a white shirt, says,

"I think I can be able to achieve what I want with those marks I got, but now nimejaribu kuvumilia navumilia, najaribu kuvumilia."

He then turned around to pull up his shirt and show how his back has been injured as a result of the beating.

"Na huku sasa zime..." (He trailed off crying. The young boy then gestured to the back of his legs where one could see more wounds).

"Mimi nimechoka. Wacha tuu nipumzike nyumbani," he sadly said.

The individual taking the video asks the boy if he is in class 8? The student responds "ehh"  to the question.

"Nimejaribu kuvumilia, juu ya 400 marks, Juu ya 400 marks nachapwa hivi. I think I should be able to achieve what I need with those marks I got. but now they want to force 400 marks with me and I can't achieve it . What more will I do? Mi siwezi endelea," he explained.

He said that 2 teachers ganged up to beat students who didn't attain the marks they wanted. The young boy told that others planned to beat up the students in rotation. "Nimevumilia for all my years, 11 years in that school."

Kenyans who watched the video were upset and said as much in the comments section. Check them out below;

rachel__mwende...I'm a teacher but this noo😢😢

the_lijar_254T....his Reminds me of my Maths teacher telling us if you decide to Fail you will fail with lots of pain so you just better pass😂😂

agolaviolet9...Wanafaanyaga hivi na watoto wanajiua😭😭😭😭

allankhoyiA...nd yours can not even get 250 but full of pride and ego 😢😢😢😢, the teacher must answer to why kwa bunge la mwananchi

turk_voices...This is so bad. You can'tforce someone to be brighter thanthey're. What they get iswithin their capacity., beating a young boy like this will end up demoralizing him instead. We'll have different levels of our intelligentsia and it's absurd to force someone to be above thatlet them learn amicably and they'll be better instead of this beatings. Huyo Mwalimu atafutwe

suezzetsueziah....Hivi ndio wanafanya ndio kwa maana wengine become dropouts early

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