• The price of maize mill is going down for a two kilogramme packet

• It currently costs between sh260-sh230

A piece of Ugali
A piece of Ugali
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News that a 2kg packet of maize meal aka ugali will cost sh100 up from sh260 has excited Kenyans.

The Government will pay millers the amount above the sh100 for every 2kg packet for the next 28 days to ensure prices fall.

The Ministry of Agriculture on Monday said it had signed a deal with millers to bring down the cost of flour.

“The Ministry of Agriculture shall subsidize the price of maize flour being produced/sold by the miller for a period of four (4) weeks from the date of this contract,” read part of the agreement the Ministry has inked with millers.

It has also elicited debate as to the genuineness of the Government in reducing the cost of living.

KOT is saying it is an election gimmick. Whether the timing of the reduction is true or not, there is a cross-section of Kenyans who will be shielded against the high cost. 

KOT on Tuesday, July 18, took to Twitter to weigh in on other items that should be considerably cheaper than they currently cost.

Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga
Raila Odinga looking at unga Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga

Consumers are saying the Government can also shield Kenyans from high prices of other commodities like eggs, milk etc.

Here is a list 

!. Fuel - A litre of fuel is retailing at sh159 and a further subsidy would be welcomed by KOT.

2. Cooking oil - A 2kg bottle of mafuta is over 800 bob. People are now not excited to be cooking mandazi, chips or chapo because of the cost.

3. Sugar - Just like milk, the cost should be reduced so that we can drink tea in this cold season.

4. Milk - A packet of milk is well over 60 bob. Further subsidizing the price will be welcomed by mothers who are struggling to feed their babies.

5. Eggs  - Reducing the price of eggs will do Kenyans good because we combine ugali and mayai as a meal.

6. Avocados - Just like eggs, avocados are a staple very common in our meals. We cut avocados in githeri or ugali nyama. Plus we also add avocado into kachumbari to spice it up.

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