•The comedian confirmed their relationship weeks after being admitted to ICU earlier in the year

•Sandra ahs been helping raise awareness about his hospitalization

Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger
Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger
Image: Courtesy

Former Churchill show comedian Akuku Danger has found himself in a dramatic relationship storm after sharing a picture of a woman and a boy.

He captioned the photo, "Feels Good To Be Back Home With Family."

His fans were not happy that he has turned his back on his bae, Sandra Dacha.

They told him as much in the comments below:

tbaby721....nimeskia ni Bibi na mtoto wake,so the dude is married 😮

tabby_mbithe...Na vile sandra ukuaga na bidii ya kumchangishia akilazwa walahi😢 this world no balance

moraa_okeneti...Dacha amesimama na wewe uyu bibi ata angesema tukuchangie haungefikisha io 800k but what do we say!? Dacha deserves better

mwikalilizliz..Na uache Mambo ya sidechics bro stick na family akiiiiiiiii

sharon.boen..Kwani you have another wife apart from sandra dacha??

lauralatams...Athe what ehat about Sandra..aki wanaume

On Thursday July 7, 2022, Akuku  in aQnA was challenged to say why he is dissing Sandra Dacha by unveiling another woman.

"Yule madam mrasta na mtoi ndio family yako?"

Akuku responded, "Mambo ni mengi."

Akuku though in subsequent questions revealed that he may not be married and does not have any children.

Akuku was also asked when he is getting married and he responded "Tarehe inacome". He also added about a wedding, "Anza kushona kitenge date inakam."

A third question on fatherhood by a fan read, "Do you have kids and if yes did they inherit sickle cell anaemia from you?"

"Not yet though I'm a Dzaddy to someone."

It's been long since Akuku shared any online content about Sandra, while she eagerly does so. The curiosity behind this formed the next question

"Nowadays I don't see you posting Sandra. Hope all is well"

Akuku agreed, "All is fine. Wacha bibi apumzike."

He's been admitted severally in hospital, owing to a debilitating ailment.

In January we learnt that he was in ICU  after one of his lungs collapsed.

Akuku was born with sickle-cell anaemia. Fellow funnyman Hamo said Akuku has been ailing for years as the condition is hereditary.

"Many are the days he stood on the Churchill Show stage to make Kenyans laugh while he needed the joy," Hamo wrote while pleading for financial help.

In February he was readmitted to hospital after an infection reoccured.

His bae Sandra Dacha told that

"Akuku Danger gets to go home once again, having been readmitted a week ago after being diagnosed with a new heart infection, pneumonia, and pulmonary tuberculosis," she wrote on social media.

Akuku on Thursday July 7, 2022, opened up to fans in a QnA about his medical condition.

Akuku was asked severally how he is doing since his last admission.

"Were you born with sickle cell ama it came ukiwa mkubwa?"

He answered, "Was born with it."

Akuku also said he is dealing much better emotionally with everything that is happening.

"Well, I'm hanging in there. I have wonderful people around me making sure i wear this smile every day."

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