Unconventional gifts you should give your man

Socks? Here are gifts that will get you into your man's good books


•Gone are the days where men were gifted with handkerchiefs, socks etc.

•You can also gift your man a good cologne, story za mwanaume ni jasho tusahau.

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Getting your man a gift may seem easy to do until you have to pick out something for them.

Most of the gifts ladies get for their boyfriend or a guy friend are socks, hoodies, and ties other than that there are no other gift ideas.

There are different gifts apart from the three usual ones that you can get; this will set you apart from all the other ex-girlfriends and the women in your life.

Well, here are some good gift ideas to get your male spouse that he’ll be ecstatic about and you would have outdone yourself.

  • Hair styling kit

Ladies this is a perfect gift to get your man, that’s if he has hair if he is bald please pass unless he has a beard. 

A man with dreadlocks, a beard, or waves would fit perfectly for this. 

He can always take care of his hair avoiding the bad hair day, all this from the comfort of his home. 

He will always look fresh every day I mean who doesn’t like a man with nice hair that smells good and looks attractive.

  • A leather bracelet

If your man loves to wear jewelry a leather bracelet will do him good. 

This being leather it is likely to last for a long time and has a sentimental feeling on it. The leather bracelet can be paired with any outfit and still look fire.

  • Wireless air pods

Modern problems call for modern solutions, ensure that your man is on the right track when it comes to technology.

Get your boyfriend wireless air pods that are portable everywhere and still enjoy his playlist; without being worried over packing his earphones.

Airpods pro
A pair of white Airpods pro
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  • A manicure kit


A man who looks after himself and has good hygiene is what ladies are looking for.

 If you feel that your man needs to tend to his feet and nails this is the ideal gift for him. 

He will have clean nails and toes and this will make him more attractive and macho.

  • A wooden Chiffonier

A chiffonier is a gift that would come in handy for your man. 

These tall cabinets with drawers will be used for storage for keys and other tiny stuff that get lost easily. 


  • Air humidifier

Air humidifiers are good to make a room smell nice and fresh. This is a worthy gift for a guy in his house when he’s working till late he can use it to make his environment smell beautiful.


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