• The accident happened after a Super Metro company bus that was traveling into town at a high speed lost control.

• The accident caused a traffic jam before police came to the scene to assist.

scene on the expressway
The accident scene on the expressway
Image: The-Star

Early morning Westland's motorists witnessed some drama today as a 33-seater overturned at the Expressway entry.

Eyewitnesses said a Super Metro passenger minibus overturned after hitting a guardrail while evading hitting another vehicle that was using the expressway lane leaving scores of passengers injured

The entrance to the toll booth, which serves drivers entering and leaving the Expressway at Westlands near Lion Place, was blocked by the bus.

At the time of publication, police officers had moved in to control the traffic congestion on Waiyaki Way as rescue operations were already underway.

scene at the entrance of the expressway
The accident scene at the entrance of the expressway
Image: The-Star

To help remove the bus from the scene of the collision and clear the congested road, a tow truck was on the scene.

Paramedics from an ambulance that was there on the scene provided medical assistance to the injured passengers, while those who had significant injuries were transported to various medical facilities.

This happened just a day after a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) collided with the toll booth in Mlolongo.

Over 20 people have sustained injuries following a road accident at the Nairobi Expressway, Mlolongo station.

The accident involved an Embasava Sacco bus which is said to have rammed into a private vehicle, Prado TX, at the Mlolongo exit.

Accident on Nairobi Expressway

The victims were all occupants of the bus that was moving from Nairobi to Kitengela during the incident.The accident occurred around 7:30 pm on Monday.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus was speeding on the expressway before it rammed into the car whose driver was being cleared at the expressway's Mlolongo exit.

Both the vehicles overturned. Rescued victims were rushed to nearby hospitals.

Preliminary reports indicate that the bus might have developed mechanical problems while on the expressway resulting in brake failure.

The Expressway toll station booth has been extensively damaged.

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