9 interesting facts about getting a liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures currently

• It’s often speculated on whether or not a person can get lipo more than once in the same place.

• Liposuction refers to a type of cosmetic surgery that breaks up and sucks fat away from the body

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Lipo or liposuction as it is known is a cosmetic procedure that both men and women undergo.

The procedure involves removing excess deposits of fat from a patient’s body.  Below are things to know about Liposuction including how many times you can do it a year;

1. The recommended space between two liposuction procedures is normally six months.

2. If the majority of the fat is removed from an area, a second or third return to this area will yield less fat.

If you gain weight, the calories and the fat will distribute to other areas of the body including around the organs which cannot be liposuctioned.

3. Your fat can be reused. The fat can be used to shape other areas like to create a Brazilian Behind Lift or to add to increase your face. It's called plumping or rejuvenating.

4. The cost of the procedure is not the same for everyone. This is because we'll have different requests and the surgeon can't recommend the same amount your pal paid. The cost will also depend on how many areas of the body are treated.

5. Each time liposuction is redone to the same area, there is the risk of uneven or irregular results. Other risks of liposuction include bruising, infection, and change in skin sensation.

6. This type of surgery is used on regions of the body that include the abdomen, thighs, behind, neck, chin, arms, back, and calves.

7. You can consider staggering liposuction for different areas of your body at different times if you want to achieve total body contouring. 

8. Swelling, bruising, and a level of discomfort are expected, and to avoid excessive pain, don't do strenuous activities,  like gyming or housework, or wearing the compression garments like waist shapers. 

9. Industry regulators limit the removal of fat to 11 pounds or five litres. This is because the procedure targets pure fat and this amount is significant. Patients however have been known to argue that the industry should increase this limit considering BMI.

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