• Shakilla showed off new hair that cost sh100,000.

• Shakilla also disclosed she underwent non invasive cosmetic surgery.

Socialite shakila
shakila weave Instagram Socialite shakila

Teen socialite Shakilla has returned to Kenya bigger and better. In an interview with Eve Mungai, the socialite revealed that she has been out of the country hanging out with the big boys.

She explained that she was in Nigeria looking for business from monied men. According to the popular teen, she has made a lot of money and is grateful to God.

Other than that, Shakilla disclosed that she underwent noninvasive surgery to get rid of her stomach.

“I made not a person to go to the gym all through I don’t like it it gets tired and stuff so they do non-invasive nonsurgical lipo my fat, arms just wow I think you guys should check it out. The progress on my tummy is doing good. you can check it out on my page, it’s good."


“My body is my weapon, I have to look good my body is my bank account, even when I get old I will still be the same. Luxury body spas are there. Even if I get old I will be looking good like the Kardashian when you get old how will you be looking?”

Shakilla has often been trolled and body shamed and had to deal with mental health struggles in the past.

She also told Eve that her new hair costs as much as an iPhone with Mungai replying that her iPhone cost sh170k, something that Shakila agreed with saying that was the price of her weave.

"Look at me, my hair can buy my phone. it’s over a hundred thousand.”

Mungai then asked Shakilla how she was able to finance her lifestyle?

“It’s God. God has his own time and I just think my time has started, you have to sit and pray and money will come to you. I’m in the streets and there’s a lot of business, I’m the shakila Queen of the streets, and if they have to give the Queen what she wants.”


"In Nigeria what is there to do than hang with the big boys. Am I going to see animals? Big boys is the main tourist attraction, My bank account is as fat as my behind.

What about the rumour that she had left Kenya?

“Yeah, I wasn’t in the country. Was I supposed to be born and die in this country? Really? No, I cannot do that! OMG I have to fly. I was in the land of the big boys and I am enjoying my life quietly I came back like a month ago. And when I came back I was seeing a lot of things. I will not die in Kenya I will be buried far far away.”

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