• Seth Gor sparked a conversation this past week after telling men to stop dating broke women.

• In this post-feminist world where women are allowed to work, the question of how they should contribute to the household finances is still a big issue.

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Regardless of culture or nationality, the words "broke" and "jobless" and are often linked to hopelessness, dream shortcomings, limitations, and ultimately poverty.

It really makes sense that those words play together in the same basket of life since joblessness and poverty create awkward situations.

This past week, popular Kenyan influencer, Seth Gor, retweeted a tweet that really sparked a conversation. It read,

"Avoid broke and jobless women. It saves you from a lot of nonsense otherwise you'll be funding a 'bad bitch lifestyle' of her sipping cocktails and going out for brunch with her equally broke 'girlies' every day."

One guy responded to the tweet saying, "Can't date a babe that earns less than 200k...don't come and dull my soul with bills."

Do you as a Mpasho reader feel like that should be one of the factors to look for in a lady when the time to marry comes?

Do both genders have the free will to decide if someone is unfit to marry because of their financial status?

Well in most cases the narrative is vice versa, where it's normal for a guy to marry a broke wife who might end up being a housewife.

Interestingly, in the current society, we live in it is absurd for the lady to be the breadwinner of the house and the husband to remain at home the whole day waiting for his wife to provide. Funny right? 

Well, they say money can't buy you love, but apparently, it can make your relationship easier especially when all types of bills present themselves on the table.

So how do you handle a relationship when one of you is constantly skint? Unfortunately, love does not pay rent nor does it buy flowers, Valentine's day gifts, or a nice reserved romantic dinner out.

Let's call a spade a spade and not a big spoon, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is broke it can be a big pain in the behind!

Times have changed and gone are the days when more men didn’t mind having women totally dependent on them.

My observations as of now are this; Loads of modern women (and some men)are seeking their marriages to be run as partnerships.

Women need to realise that being financially stable is one good way for them to contribute to that partnership. What's your take on this?

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