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Popular female rally driver Maxine Wahome of Kenya has been awarded KES 1,000,000 in cash by Safaricom for her outstanding performance at the 2022 WRC Safari Rally, which was conducted in Naivasha last week.

Maxine, the only female competitor in this year's championship and Murage Waigwa's navigator, finished first in the Ford Fiesta Rally3 category with a time of 5.20.21 and became the first female rally driver in Kenya to win the WRC3 division.

“I am very grateful to my sponsors Safaricom and Kenya Airways for believing in me and offering me amazing support, which enabled me to feature and win in this year’s Safari Rally.

I feel proud to be the first female rally driver in the country to win in the WRC3 category. This is indeed a great milestone in my rallying career and I want to encourage more young ladies to join me in this field," she said.

Maxine is among the four youngest drivers including Jeremiah Wahome, Hamza Anwar and McRae Kimathi all who are sponsored by Safaricom and Kenya Airways under the FIA Star Programme, a global initiative that seeks to identify, train, and develop talented young drivers between the ages of 17-27 years.

Jeremiah Wahome navigated by Victor Okundi and McRae Kimathi navigated by Mwangi Kioni in Ford Fiesta R3 finished second and third in the WRC3 category and 19th and 21st overall respectively with Hamza Anwar retiring at the 18th stage due to mechanical problems.

In addition, the four drivers will also be taken to Estonia and Greece for training as part of the FIA Star programme.

“I am delighted for the splendid performance from our four youngsters during the just concluded WRC Safari Rally.

They promised to make us proud and indeed they delivered. They have proven their resilience in the sport and confirmed to the world that Kenya has a great future in motorsport.

As Safaricom, we will continue encouraging and supporting our young people to Go Beyond in their careers,” said Peter Ndegwa, CEO

Last year, Safaricom sponsored Maxine to the tune of Ksh 3 million during the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) and autocross competitions.

Maxine, popularly known as the riding queen for her prowess in motorsport, has successfully participated in the national rally and autocross events.

She also participated in the WRC Safari Rally, Voi Rally, Machakos Rally, Ramisi Rally and autocross events in Mombasa and Nairobi. Her most recent competitions are The ARC Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally and WRC Safari Rally.

Here is a list of Maxine’s Achievements

2013- Lady rider of the year in Kenya.

2014- Motorsports personality of the year (All motorsports) the Rose Bowl Awards.

2015- Lady rider of the year in Kenya.

2016- 3rd overall in ladies Africa.

2017- Lady rider of the year in Kenya.

2019- 9th overall in Ladies Africa, which took place in Zimbabwe.

2020- Transitioned to a buggy with 1300cc Starlet engine.

2021- Participant in the WRC 2021 Safari Rally in Kenya! Finished 23rd. (58 entries at start of the rally).

2021 – Voi Rally finished 13th overall (21 entries at start of the rally).

2021 – Machakos Rally 11th Overall (27 entries at Start of the rally).

2021 – Ramisi Rally 6th overall (22 entries at start of the rally).

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